Partnership for a New American Economy: Murdoch, Bloomberg, CEOs, mayors, (Fox News?) to push amnesty

Don't trust what you see on Fox News. Rupert Murdoch, Michael Bloomberg, big-city mayors, Hewlett Packard, Boeing, and Disney have formed a new group called "Partnership for a New American Economy" to push comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty (link):

The group says it intends to make its point to policymakers by "publishing studies, conducting polls, convening forums and sponsoring public education campaigns."

...The group's main immigration goals are to secure the borders, develop an easy system for employers to verify work eligibility, hold companies accountable for breaking the laws and improve the use of technology to prevent illegal immigration.

The group also wants more opportunities for immigrants to join the U.S. work force and a path to legal status for all undocumented immigrants.

Big business joining to spread propaganda in support of amnesty has been tried before; for years, the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition has been pushing amnesty, and in 2005 George W Bush, Dick Armey (now heading the tea parties stringpullers at FreedomWorks), and others created "Americans for Border and Economic Security" to push his plans.

The key difference in this case is that three members of the new coalition are media: Bloomberg, Fox, and Disney. During the last big amnesty push, Fox News wasn't much help: they largely ignored the anti-amnesty firestorm growing across the U.S. Don't expect ABC or Fox to, for instance, follow the money on immigration. And, be on the lookout for their coverage of this issue being more like the coverage to be found on MSNBC.