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“You see, but you do not observe”
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From @alfredwkng
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University just released an app that tells you when IoT devices are around and what…
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From @_underdog_
@alfredwkng @cybergibbons There are way more questions than answers with this. the app on the phone just "knows" w…
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From @Phlash909
@_underdog_ @alfredwkng @cybergibbons The quoted article indicates that it relies on IoT device vendors/installers…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Phlash909: now, @alfredwkng gets his 15 mins with his deceptive blog re Rudy. People speculate on domains all the time; "covid19" etc. He's the same: he wants clicks. P.S. He refuses to cover how extensive Twitter censorship is, see my pinned tweet.