Obama state dinner guests incl. Couric, Brian Williams, GE chairman, DreamWorks, NYT and WaPo reporters...

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A full list of those invited to tonight's White House state dinner - the one featuring arugula (no, really) - is here. In addition to a large number of Indian names that I don't recognize, here are some that seem more than a bit interesting:

Media figures:
* Thomas Friedman and Jason DeParle of the New York Times
* Two Washington Post reporters (Rajiv Chandrasekaran and Raju Narisetti)
* Brian Williams of NBC News
* Katie Couric of CBS News
* Fareed Zakaria and Sanjay Gupta of CNN
* Robin Roberts of ABC News
* General Electric chairman Jeff Immelt

* Andy Stern of the Service Employees International Union
* Richard Trumka of the AFL CIO

* M. Night Shyamalan
* Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen of Dreamworks

* Heiress Penny Pritzker

Civil servants:
* Bill Richardson
* Deval Patrick
* San Francisco DA Kamala Harris

* Newt Minow
* Deepak Chopra
* venture capitalist John Doerr
* Anita Dunn (of Mao fame)
* Greg Craig (who was apparently recently pushed out of his job)
* the CEOs of Honeywell and Caterpillar

UPDATE: Note that there are many others on the list not mentioned above, including administration officials, representatives, and so on. See the full list at the link above or a shorter list here. And, from a leftwing, very Beltway establishment-friendly perspective, see Steve Clemons' rundown at