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Abby Huntsman
New York, NY
Co-host of The View. Wife & mommy to Isabel Grace & Golden George + Author of WHO WILL I BE? out now!!
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About to face the ladies of the @TheView
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@donlemon @TheView @sunny @JoyVBehar @MeghanMcCain @HuntsmanAbby @ananavarro Thank goodness you at least had a Repu…
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.@jujo28: @donlemon thinks #GOP should follow Reagan's model, showing his City On A Hill speech. Reagan was very NeoLiberal: loose borders, free trade, globalism. Unless you have a couple yachts, you should completely oppose that & those - like Don - who push anti-Americanism.
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Start the week off @HeatherChilders @HuntsmanAbby @SimonettiLauren @NPetallides @FoxFriendsFirst @FoxBusinessAM
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.@Morgan_Cody_1: FYI, @NPetallides can't even answer simple questions about how Trump's Muslims ban would fail miserably. Pretty sad.
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.@huntsmanabby: why #Teaparty should oppose @jonhuntsman but is too dumb/nuts/anti-American to do it:
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.@huntsmanabby: #Teaparty mouthbreathers oppose you dad for fear he might let the non-wealthy vote or keep them out of debtors' prisons.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@huntsmanabby: I just found out #MSNBC fired you. Actually, I didn't even know you had a show.