Noah Rothman and Glenn Beck: false compassion for border kids

Noah Rothman is the latest contributor and the latest amnesty shill at HotAir. He's promoting a plan by Glenn Beck to give teddy bears, food, and soccer balls to Unaccompanied Alien Children; see UAC for the backstory on that issue.

The Beck plan Rothman supports is an example of false compassion: something that is superficially compassionate but which will make things worse. The plan would encourage more kids to cross the border illegally, with some dying along the way. The plan wouldn't solve the problems in Central America, it would only make them worse. And, it would make things worse in the U.S. That both support the plan for political reasons only adds to the sociopathic nature of their support.

In "Glenn Beck, the border crisis, and the Republican Party’s empathy gap" [1], Rothman writes:

Amid heated talk on the right of deporting children back to strife-ridden failed states, the third world diseases they carry, and the fear of their ability to access protective and preventative medical services on taxpayer dollars, the conservative movement risks expanding the empathy gap among Hispanic and urban voters. Beck aims to close it...

Charity and kindness, asking nothing in return, can go a long way. The left’s solution to the immigration crisis is, as ever, the promise of government programs and a free ticket into a bureaucratic morass - none of which they can deliver for this cascade of Central American refugees. Conservatives can offer something better, something real, and Beck plans on doing just that.

It is a small step, but a welcome one. The conservative movement needs a bigger tent, and addressing the perception that conservatives are hard-hearted will be a step in that direction. The good news is that this condition is merely perceived, not real, and it only takes a few gestures like the one Beck has embraced in order to bury it.

1. There are plenty of "strife-ridden failed states" around the world, and some or all of the residents of those countries moving to the U.S. is not a solution. Only a small part of Central Americans are trying to get in to the U.S., where's Rothman's compassion for those remaining in those countries?

2. In fact, the current situation will only make things worse in Central America. They'll lose people who, if they stayed, could press for reforms. Residents of those countries will see the U.S. as a safety valve rather than attempting to fix the problems in their countries. Central American countries will become even more dependent on remittances rather than building up their own economies. Even a Bloomberg editorial is more clear-headed than Rothman and Beck [2].

3. If your concern is more government programs, which party do you think the majority of naturalized ex-illegal aliens would vote for? Realistically speaking, not in the fever dreams of those like Rothman.

4. The idea that Beck's plan is "something better, something real" is absurd. Tens or hundreds of thousands of children need far more resources than Beck could ever supply.

5. Rothman's solution to claims from the Left that the Right is "hard-hearted" is to act in the same psychotic, situation-worsening, false compassion manner as the Left. It isn't the correct solution: developing a plan that will work for all involved and that will discredit those who - like for instance Jim Wallis - are only making things worse. Rather than calling Wallis and other religious leaders on taking actions that increase border deaths, Rothman and Beck join him in helping increase border deaths.

Want to do something about this? Look up supporters of @NoahCRothman and HotAir, and make the points above to them. Do the same with supporters of Glenn Beck in whatever venues you can find.

[1] hotair . com/archives/2014/07/09/

[2] From bloombergview . com/articles/2014-07-08/obama-s-border-bailout

But to stem the flow of migrants, the U.S. must establish -- and help to pay for -- deterrence programs in Central American nations. One pilot program in Guatemala, for example, gives children repatriated from the U.S. a safe place to stay and provides education and job training. Beefed-up services at U.S. embassies and consulates could also help. Senators Charles Schumer and John McCain, a Democrat and a Republican, have suggested requiring claims for refugee status to be made at U.S. embassies in Central America rather than on U.S. soil.

The "pilot program" is supportkind . org/en/kind-in-action/