More proof Robert Reich isn't credible (MoveOn video)

Former Clinton administration Labor secretary Robert Reich has released an end-of-the-year video that provides yet more proof that he isn't credible.

On the video (excerpted below and posted to the MoveOn channel), he supports reforming our "obsolete" immigration system and he claims he wants WalMart and fast food outlets to raise wages. Those goals sharply conflict: you can have one but you can't have both.

More supply leads to lower wages, and more workers available to McDonalds and WalMart leads to lower wages. That's one of the reasons why McDonald's, WalMart, and other major corporations all want immigration reform so much.

McDonald's, WalMart, and other major corporations aren't in the habit of doing things that raise wages, are they?

For background on these issues and how Robert Reich is working to lower wages, see comprehensive immigration reform, immigration wage floor, and the relevant entries on the Occupy Wall Street page. And, see Robert Reich for past examples of him showing that he isn't credible.

Want to do something about this? Tweet @RBReich with your thoughts. Even better, do a Twitter search for his handle and then make the points above to his supporters.