Mike Steele of Us Weekly: ask Obama these questions

Dear Mike Steele, Editor-in-Chief of Us Weekly:

I see that you're soliciting questions from your readers that you'll ask of Barack Obama in an upcoming interview (link). I have four questions that I urge you to ask.

Most people are expecting you to ask incredibly weak questions about things that don't matter. Here's your chance to not only prove them wrong, but to break news and to do a great public service by holding politicians accountable. My questions are designed to do just that: these questions are much tougher than anything the news media would dare ask Obama.

The news media looks down on your magazine. Now, here's your chance to turn the tables and show just how weak they are.

Here are my questions, more on request:

1. Do you agree that the DREAM Act would let those former illegal aliens covered by it take college resources away from U.S. citizens? Once again: I'm only asking for the answer to one question: would the DREAM Act have the impact of taking college resources away from U.S. citizens, yes or no? (Note: see the last link for follow-up questions).

2. Will those (temporarily-legalized) former illegal aliens covered by DACA (the work permits you're giving to illegal aliens who are eligible for the DREAM Act) be able to compete with struggling American citizens for any job that those former illegal aliens are qualified for? That is, as an illegal alien, someone can only do certain jobs like picking crops. But, when they're in DACA, can't they do any job they're qualified for, such as federal construction projects, working in an office, etc.? Do you agree that because of that, those (temporarily-legalized) former illegal aliens who are covered by DACA will be able to compete with struggling American citizens for any job that those former illegal aliens are qualified for? (Note: see this for an example of someone evading that question when I asked it of them until I was cut off; just keep asking the question until you get "yes" or "no").

3. You spoke at the May 1, 2006 illegal immigration march in Chicago. Some of the key organizers of that march have links to the Mexican government and Mexican political parties. Leaving aside your thoughts on immigration 'reform', is it proper for a U.S. Senator to support foreign citizens marching in our streets demanding that we change our laws, especially when foreign political parties helped organize the marches? (See this for background).

4. In Mexico, somewhere around 3500 to 6000 students excel at math. Those are, needless to say, very small numbers (if the U.S. had Mexico's population, that would be around 100,000). If the U.S. attracts 1000 or even less of those Mexicans who excel at math, what impact would that have on that country? Doesn't Mexico need all the smart people they can hold on to, and wouldn't your plans make that country's situation even worse? (Note: background and other similar questions here)

Please do a great public service by asking one or more of these questions, and feel free to contact me at @24AheadDotCom_ for different versions of those questions or for other questions.

P.S. For everyone else, please send the link to this page ( 24ahead.com/n/11139 ) to askthepresident at usmagazine.com