Obama's amnesty will mostly harm working Democrats (DREAM Act, immigration, construction, office workers)

Are you a construction worker, an office worker, a plumber, a factory worker, or a cashier? Work at McDonald's or another restaurant? If so, there's a good chance you're a Democrat.

And there's an even better chance that the DREAM Act that Obama enacted on Friday will have a negative impact on you. If you're an unemployed lower-skilled worker, Obama just made your situation all that much worse.

Friday's move by Obama will greatly increase the labor supply in lower-skilled fields, and increasing the labor supply leads to lowered wages. That will have an impact on lower-skilled workers, many of whom are Democrats. And, we're talking about big numbers: perhaps as many as 800,000 to 1.4 million work permits will be issued.

At the same time, what Obama did on Friday helps the fat cats and those who are merely comfortable cats, many of whom are Republicans: they now have an even greater labor supply and can lower wages.

But, don't worry. Obama's plan is bipartisan: it also helps fat cats who are Democrats. Factory owners, construction company executives, and Brentwood limousine liberals alike will have a greater - and thus cheaper - pool of labor to choose from.

Due to Obama's action, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens will no longer be forced to work under the table or use fraudulent documents: they'll get work permits and they'll be able to compete for any job for which they're qualified. They'll be able to get certifications and licenses in various trades.

An illegal alien who was forced to do field labor due to his status will be transformed into a legal worker and will be able to apply for construction jobs, auto repair jobs, cashiering, anything he's qualified for. That will increase competition and thus lower wages for struggling American construction workers, mechanics, and cashiers.

Unemployed Americans who are struggling to keep from living in their cars will be in an even worse shape than before: they'll face even more competition for scarce jobs.

Certainly, some of those admitted to Obama's program will start businesses, but the great majority won't. The great majority will simply be yet more competition for American workers. And, this site doesn't support keeping illegal aliens down on the farm (see this and attrition). And, for the reasons outlined on immigration wage floor, legalizing illegal aliens won't help raise wages: it will help lower them.

If you're a construction worker, an auto mechanic, a cashier, a fast food employee, an office worker, a factory worker, an installer, a McDonald's worker: things might get a lot worse for you. That goes double for the unemployed.

If you want to do something about this, write your representatives and let them know what you think; look up Obama for America workers on Twitter (#OFA) and let them know what you think; post what Obama's trying to do to you to online forums and mailing lists; and tell your friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Don't let Obama get away with it.