Mel Martinez to be "irritant" to get immigration "reform"; Gebe Martinez has no concern for U.S. workers

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Gebe Martinez of the Politico informs us (link) that Sen. Mel Martinez (no relation) is initiating an unfocused push to get comprehensive immigration reform:

"We have got to come to an understanding” on immigration, Martinez implored recently at the National Council of La Raza's gala, where he and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) were honored for their work on behalf of Hispanics. “Comprehensive immigration reform has got to be back on the top of the agenda,” Martinez said. “It’s the right thing to do.” ...Though Obama has promised to reform the immigration system, he has not decided when, leaving Martinez to conclude the delay shows a “lack of direction or interest.” But clearly, the Republican senator is putting pressure on the Democratic White House because there is little hope of changing the minds of his own party members standing under the incredible shrinking Republican Party tent... "I don’t want to be too optimistic, but at the same time, I think there are [Republican] folks who understand the importance of this issue as a human rights issue as well as a political issue. I am sure many minds have not been changed as well, but I think it’s possible... I want to be a little bit of an irritant until someone at the White House decides this needs to be on the agenda,” Martinez said.

On the second page, Gebe Martinez shows that she doesn't mind if illegal aliens are able to get stimulus plan jobs:

The Center for Immigration Studies, which seeks to restrict legal immigration, recently used questionable methodology to conclude that undocumented immigrants will be filling 300,000 construction jobs under the stimulus law. The CIS message: Out of work? An illegal immigrant just took your tax-funded job. Be afraid... Immigrants’ rights and business groups argue there are still many jobs performed by immigrants that others will not touch, even in desperate times. Laid-off Microsoft computer engineers are not likely to seek work fixing roofs on high-rises or cleaning hotel toilets.

Gebe Martinez is just an ethno-centric hack, but we knew that already. The 300,000 number may be off, but it was just an estimate. And, those are construction jobs, not janitorial jobs. And, every one of those jobs that goes to an illegal alien is one that was taken from a U.S. citizen; it's a zero-sum game. Being concerned about that isn't simply an emotional response; it's putting American interests first, and that's obviously something Gebe Martinez has little interest in doing.

Gebe Martinez is such an illegal immigration-supporting hack that she's promoting something akin to a caste system, where those of a higher caste should be dissuaded from doing certain types of jobs even if they have to.


That's no surprise..he's one of the traitors who infiltrated the congress to do just that!

When I was in college during the early 80's recession era. Even then construction and roofing contracts would advertise for students to work the summer an 2 or more times the minimum wage. I don't think they had a hard time finding takers. Today, will a white lower middle class college kid do roofing for less than ten bucks an hour. Maybe not, but why should they? I doubt these elitist fools who throw at the jobs American will not do ever worked a low wage job. I would love to see Gebe Martinez's bio.

Haven't you heard? Legal labor and illegal labor is 'complementary'. According to a single but surely unbiased expert, there's ZERO overlap in the work the two groups do so it's impossible that an illegal alien could deprive an American of a job. There's a magical force out there that assures this. That's our dogma and we're sticking with it and saying it with a straight face.

Gebe Martinez is a one trick pony, downplaying the impact of illegal immigration on US workers and disparaging E-Verify and studies which don't fit her ethnic agenda.

I used to sell commercial carpet for a big manufacturer.....Many years ago there were mostly sub contractors who made a darn good living installing carpet. Now they have been replaced by Illegal aliens who work for short money and do a shoddy job. The mills themselves encouraged this....Dalton, Georgia , home to many of the carpet mills could now be called Little Mexico.....DIZZGUSTING Pigs make sure they make a fortune off these slave laborers and throw the American citizens under the bus......Meantime Nancy PIGFACE Pelosi tells a room full of illegals that they are PATRIOTS because they come out on a Saturday night and deserve to take jobs from Citizens.......No wonder my blood pressure is thru the roof!!

My is great she made the point of what this so called nation will become, third world. and me to mary I once made a good living working in a great job now its all hispanic and no others allowed, is that what la raza means by civil rights?

Sorry to hear that Fred...and unfortunately you have lots of company losing jobs to interlopers....sick of it!!