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Karola KoppešŸ¤³
senbjf. privat ā€¢ systm. KJ TherapeutIn ā€¢ titel: Das Narrenschiff von Rolf Tiemann
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From @donlemon
And we wait and we wait and we wait. All dressed up and no tv. #impeachment @ New York, New York
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From @Professorin_K
@donlemon We are also waiting and hoping. Greetings from Germany
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Professorin_K: thanks to @donlemon and his friends, Trump will use his #impeachment acquittal to be reelected. Now, Lemon just asks Yang about sports, not the huge flaws in his ideas The media is about as good at holding politicians accountable as Germany is at fighting wars.