McCain (of course) is soft on DREAM Act; laughs about anti-American plan (trade Americans for illegal aliens)

The video at shows a John McCain appearance where a group of illegal aliens ask him to support the anti-American DREAM Act:

1. McCain's only concern with the DREAM Act is the politics of it: he wants it to be part of a comprehensive immigration reform bill because other Senators would make various requirements. McCain mentions that one of his requirements is a guest workers program, and that elicits applause from the audience. McCain encourages them to continue their advocacy rather than pointing out that the DREAM Act lets illegal aliens take college educations away from U.S. citizens.

2. McCain says nothing as an illegal alien presents coming to the U.S. illegally as the only response to domestic violence in her home country. See [1] here; I don't need to tell anyone that McCain didn't raise any of those points.

3. Someone identified only as a "Republican McCain supporter" outlines an explicitly anti-American plan around 8:00: "there are so many citizens that I see that are not contributing very much and I just think in a real simple way I don't know how it would be done in Washington: can we trade some of these [illegal aliens for Americans]". That anti-American "joke" elicits a great deal of laughter from the audience, and John McCain doesn't have a problem with such a plan. None of that should be a surprise: DREAM Act supporters have little loyalty to their fellow citizens, their loyalty lies with foreign citizens. It would be nice if we could strip those like "Republican McCain supporter" of his citizenship, but unfortunately we're stuck with turncoats like that.