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Michele Acito
New Jersey
I am a christian singer songwriter. Acts 20:24
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.@MicheleAcitoM @lukelivingood: I'm sure you won't be like other cons: throw a tantrum & block me but instead will engage. What's the @AnnCoulter plan when Trump's out of office (replaced by a Dem or a RINO) & it's time to get funding to repair all the holes in Trump's "wall"?
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This interview with Ann is from May 26, 2015 - before Trump announced. Ann is in the arena. And she is fearless.…
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@lukelivingood @dbznd It is amazing to watch this woman take such abuse from these pathetic morons. I think Trump r…
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.@MicheleAcitoM: @lukelivingood cheers @AnnCoulter, when she's the one who gave Trump incredibly ineffective arguments & plans (amplified by his inability to think). Ann thinks a "wall" is a viable plan. When Trump's out of office, Congress will just neglect or tear it down.