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Paige W. Cunningham
Washington, D.C.
Author of The Health 202 at @washingtonpost. Mom to three littles. Wife to @jamesonDC. Tips to paige.cunningham (at) washpost (dot) com
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.@pw_cunningham: #PuertoRico is smaller than CT. Since NG, @USArmy, etc couldn't secure it within hours, what do our enemies think of us?
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Crisis expert @pw_cunningham continues: "And responders can’t drive in supplies; they have to ship or fly them in". #WaPo
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Crisis expert @pw_cunningham - who blogs on health at #WaPo - says "[w/o power] hard to ID where problems are/recruit volunteers to respond"
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Good story from @jwpetersNYT on conservative women teaching R's how not to discuss abortion (hint: no rape comments)
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.@pw_cunningham: on another topic, @jwpetersnyt refuses to face up to his bad reporting: Help him improve. #NYT