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Kevin Robillard
Senior political reporter @HuffPostPol. Member @WGAEast. Grew up @Politico and @thedbk. Maryland Terrapin, Massachusetts native.
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The best thing about debate slack is I get to see my coworkers’ jokes before they are on twitter.
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@elisefoley @Robillard didn't tweet my favorite slack joke
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@jessicaschulb @Robillard @Robillard is a coward
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From @PaulBlu
@elisefoley @jessicaschulb @Robillard Pls rt
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From @elisefoley
@PaulBlu @jessicaschulb @Robillard I…am too much of a coward for that
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.@elisefoley: long time no chat! @PaulBlu blogs "Chris Collins, First [pol] To Endorse Trump, Gets 26-Month Prison Sentence". At the time, I repeatedly posted questions that would've forced him to drop Trump, greatly hurting Trump. Why didn't you/Paul ask those or similar?