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Twitter is an insane asylum. Healthcare is a human right. #Bernie2020 #M4A #LivingWage #GATORS I don't proofread tweets.
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It's not a BLUE WAVE, we are in a BLUE WAR: "The hope has been that the anti-bodies would kick in -- that this infe…
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From @bitchylaughter
@VanJones68 @AC360 @CNN Being the Anti-Trump party is not enough. Dems need to give people something to vote FOR.
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.@bitchylaughter: Dems don't even do "we're not Trump" right. @VanJones68 etc only know to play the race card, driving many towards Trump. They refuse to go after Trump where he's actually vulnerable: his "Wall" is unimplementable, his PR response was beyond incompetent, etc...