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Politics @TIME. @IowaStateU alumna. My Patronus is a lion. Tweets mostly pups and politicians.
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Here are the Dems who voted to say yes, they support ICE.
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From @c_boy17
@LissandraVilla I asked Kyrsten Sinema two weeks ago to use her platform to speak up against ICE abuses. Sheโ€™s refuโ€ฆ
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From @24aheaddotcom_
#AbolishICE would be great for U.S. Chamber & #Koch & horrible for workers. Follow the money. MT @c_boy17 I asked Kyrsten Sinema.. to speak up against ICE abuses. Sheโ€™s refused to do that, but said she supports โ€œreforming ICEโ€. I guess she lied [by signing a pro-ICE resolution]!