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Michigan, USA
I am busy trying to have it all! I’m a wife, a mother of two and a professional dedicated to making it work!
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From @ali
He sold their toothbrushes for money. They say that they are pro-abortion. They're a toothbrush company funding him…
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From @lynmarieglowsk1
@ali @Cernovich Did you read the article? Quip did not say they are pro-abortion they said are pro oral health mea…
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From @ali
@lynmarieglowsk1 @Cernovich It's really pathetic that you read that article and then sought to gaslight me. "Howev…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@lynmarieglowsk1: hey Lynn, I've written 1000s of anti-amnesty posts since 2002 at my site, at Malkin's old immigration blog, & elsewhere. Not even for a nanosecond was I taken in by Trump's shtick. I've realize he's pro-amnesty from Day One. What about @ali & @Cernovich?