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Sociologist. Book: The Family: Diversity, Inequality and Social Change. Other book: Enduring Bonds. Blog: Director, @SocArXiv. Views.
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.@familyunequal: you - a #UMD prof - got blocked by Trump for tweeting him a meme a 5th grader could've made. If I had your reach I'd tweet Trump *tough* policy questions designed to show his base he's deceiving them. Did you ever do any of that, or just the memes? #resist
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.@Sydell: compare dimwit @familyunequal sending "memes" & personal smears to Trump, to this: Which would the Founders think is better & more consistent with First & holding leaders accountable? Which would have kept Trump from being elected? #resist
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Sydell: you blog about Trump blocking the dimwit @familyunequal, reducing his ability to petition: Was he using that right as intended?