Immigration strawman arguments about: civil rights abuses, 287g, family separation, "stateless" children, alternative detention, eVerify

Rep. Lamar Smith offers "Amnesty Pushers Concoct Six Straw Men" (link), a collection of logical fallacies that illegal immigration supporters use. The points raised aren't of much use unless those supporters - such as nationally-known politicians - are confronted with them, and if you can do that on video that could have a serious impact on those supporters' careers.

It includes a section about family separation, specifically referencing Luis Gutierrez' "Family Unity Tour" and including this:

But he [the strawman] forgets that children can travel to their parents’ home countries with them. And the federal government may even cover the cost if the family cannot afford it... In most cases, the children will be welcomed abroad as citizens of their parents' home countries -- so they won't be "stateless" as Family Separation Straw Man suggests. In fact, the 10 countries that are estimated to have sent the most illegal immigrants to the U.S. are Brazil, China, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Mexico, the Philippines and South Korea. In all of these countries except China, the country’s law is clear that children born in the U.S. who have at least one parent who was a citizen of their country (and born in the country) are either automatically citizens of the country or can easily seek citizenship. In China, the law is unclear, but the practice of the Chinese embassy is to allow children born in the U.S. to illegal immigrant Chinese parents to return to China as Chinese nationals.


Yes most counties do allow full citizenship if you want it. but understand one fact all of this is part of a plan to remove us from the fact of this earth. after all we will disappear into a sea of black brown and yellow within 20 to 50 years. also understand that almost 90 per cent of the so called illegals are here just to make money and not for freedom or a new way of life or any of that good shit but just want more of what you have, in other words your jobs and your money, not freedom. Most monkeys of the third world have no political or religious reason to be here, and many from china would be happy to sell us out just on orders from the Reds inside monkey china. note many of the chinese Reds have power rats inside government LIKE OBAMA. Oh yes within 50 years the political boss will be the Red chinese and the enslaved population will be our little brown brothers after the white rats disappear within 50 or less years.

The problem with this argument is that advocates of less immigration draw such stark lines between citizens and non-citizens--they are part of a bipartisan, mainstream culture that sanctifies citizenship--that it doesn't sit right with most observers to see citizen children effectively exiled from the country until they reach the age of majority. The only way around this is to get rid of birthright citizenship, which neither the courts nor Congress are remotely interested in doing. Here's my concern trolling for the night: you're better off focusing on stronger arguments than this. Also, "we will disappear into a sea of black brown and yellow within 20 to 50 years" ... "monkeys of the third world" ... ? Clearly a sterling commentariat has developed here.

I think he's Syrian.......and from Dumbasscus.

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