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From @RealSkipBayless
Great. Now the Rams have found themselves and caught fire just in time for next Sunday's visit to the team in Dalla…
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From @Coolhandluke_25
@RealSkipBayless Bed time old man
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From @mylanABent
@RealSkipBayless Seahawks are gonna come back and win skip
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Not only are you ageist, you're watching a joke of a sport. Not only that, many players agree with BLM & thus have about as little opinion of you as someone selling bean pies on Crenshaw would. RT @Coolhandluke_25 [to RealSkipBayless] Bed time old man
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@mylanABent: if you made $100,000 per game, wouldn't you act like an *incredibly* thankful & motivated grown up? Kneeball players are big babies on & off the field. They need constant handholding like very special 4-year-olds. #NFL is culturally toxic on that alone.