Illegal immigration: an introduction

If you aren't familiar with illegal immigration, you need to be. It is one of the most important issues facing the U.S. today. Please take a few minutes to follow the links below to learn more.

For over three years, one of the primary focuses of this site has been illegal immigration, and we've got hundreds of posts about the topic.

One of the most corrosive effects is political corruption. Industries that make money off illegal immigration donate to politicians who then refuse to enforce our laws. Is there a link? Even if there is no direct and documented quid pro quo, should U.S. corporations make money off of illegal immigration? Isn't that extremely dangerous for our entire system?

While George Bush and the GOP are the main recipients of money from industries that profit off illegal immigration, those same industries donate to the Democrats as well. And, as Harry Reid's support for illegal aliens over American workers shows, there are different forms of corruption.

You might never have heard this angle of things since the media is extremely biased in favor of illegal immigration.

It also devalues American citizenship when advocates try to give illegal aliens nearly the same rights as citizens, including discounted college educations and even voting rights.

It affects our economy, transportation systems, school systems, medical systems (also here and here), and pretty much every other part of our infrastructure.

And, by sending us millions of people the government of Mexico gains political power inside our country. Some putatively American politicians can be easily confused with their Mexican counterparts.

If you followed some of those links above, you'll see that this is not just an extremely important matter, but it's one that the press continually lies about. And, there's even more, so please use the search function on each page.

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