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Michael Stepner
Cambridge MA via Montreal QC
Economics PhD student @MIT, studying health and labor markets. Amateur de thés.
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.@Occidentaljihad: just 7500 docs per 100,000 in Yemen. @michaelstepner & #ImmigrantDocs want some to come here, harming Yemen, etc.
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Why Trump EO is Still a Racist Muslim Ban @tribelaw @ProgressOutlook @michaelstepner #ICYMI
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From @Occidentaljihad
@myHNN @tribelaw @ProgressOutlook @michaelstepner Islam is not a race. Why is HNN fostering that idiocy?
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.@Occidentaljihad: please help point out to @michaelstepner / #ImmigrantDocs supporters how they'd greatly harm developing countries.
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RT @michaelstepner: Just posted first batch of personal stories at the top of—also connecting authors with journali…
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.@weihuang: michaelstepner wants to braindrain docs from countries like Somalia, Yemen, & Liberia that desperately need them. That's immoral