Skagit County: ripped off by Mexico, growers, racial demagogues, "liberals"

Last month a Skagit County, Washington paper offered the almost-unbelievable story "Illegal immigrant with tuberculosis fears county will turn him over to immigration". The title alone tells you we're about to enter Upsidedownland, but it gets worse:

* The county has had six TB cases this year, up from the usual zero to three. And, they say that half are usually caused by "foreign-born" patients.

* The county estimates that they've already spent $16,000 on his case but it could go to "$100,000 and higher". And, even after all that he might still be contagious. And, they only have a limited budget.

* When he was working, "he could earn more than $30 per day."

* The racial demagogues are out in full force, threatening the county that the health situation will get even worse if they start reporting illegal aliens, which will supposedly force them underground.

* The county representative and the newspaper are apologetic about the possibility of deportation.

This situation is what happens when corruption is aided and abetted by mush-minded "liberalism".

If the patient is going to stay here, someone other than the county should pay for his care: either his employers, or the government of Mexico, or Skagit's "liberal" population, or the racial pressure groups that are agitating to keep him here.

And, during the days of Ellis Island, he would not have been put on a steamship in the first place, and if he arrived here anyway he would have been deported. Now, with self-service immigration, anyone bearing any kind of contagious disease can just come across the border.

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Yes, I would agree that if his employer wants him to stay here so bad then he should be forced to pick up any of his medical bills so that this is not forced upon the community to pay. And if he has children here the employer should also have to pay for their schooling and medical bills and anything else that would be put onto the taxpayer. Of course, if this were to happen maybe the employer may not find these illegal workers as attractive as they do now.