Herman Cain scandal revealed: corruption and incompetence (Politico, Tea Parties)

In this post I'll reveal the dirty little secrets of the Herman Cain scandal. As you might have heard, that presidential candidate is accused of some form of sexual harassment of colleagues at one of his past jobs, and the latest news is that one of the alleged victims wants to step forward and tell her side of the story (link).

Now, unlike (as far as I know) anyone else, I'll reveal shocking facts about this scandal:

1. Things like this don't really matter in the grander scheme of political things. If there were actual victims that can't be minimized, but whatever he did doesn't really tell us anything about how Cain would do his job as president. (He's not going to be president, of course, but let's play along). Cain could be both a cad and a bounder and still do the job of president effectively.

2. Two very large red flags that involve Herman Cain are his involvement with the Federal Reserve (chairman of the Kansas City board) and with the National Restaurant Association (CEO from 1996 to 1999). Both organizations are currently strong supporters of illegal immigration. I wasn't covering the NRA at the time, but it's doubtful that their support for illegal immigration is just a recent phenomenon. Needless to say, the media isn't going to look into his involvement with influential groups that support illegal immigration.

3. This story reveals yet again just how deeply corrupt the mainstream media is. They shouldn't shy away from stories like this, but they should cover Cain's policies with the same ardor. Yet, they haven't: the media and those in their downstream have probably spent more time on this story than on showing how his teaparty ideas are wrong for the U.S. Cain wants to be president of the U.S., and the mainstream media has shown little interest in walking through the impacts of his policy ideas and trying to find out how they'd work or how they'd fail. It's like someone applying for a job to run a nuclear plant, and those running his job interview can only discuss his tie. Not finding out whether someone is qualified to run a nuclear plant could result in tragedy, and the same is true of how the media operates when it comes to presidential races.

4. Cain's supporters are as incompetent as the media is corrupt. Cain's base is the teapartiers, and as explained in great detail on the tea parties page, they simply lack the smarts and sanity to help out their leaders (go see that link for proof). For years I've been attempting to discredit mainstream media reporters, and I've gotten zero help with that from the teapartiers. It would serve their interests to help me discredit reporters and keep them in check, but the teapartiers simply do not have the mental and emotional abilities to even help themselves (no, really, go see their link).

In fact, out of the four Politico writers who broke the story, I've discussed three at this site [1], and not in a good light. My goal was to discredit those reporters:

* Kenneth Vogel (six posts, the first over three years ago)
* Jonathan Martin (two posts, the first over three years ago)
* Maggie Haberman (three posts, the earliest in June 2010)

If the teapartiers had helped me with that (such as by tweeting those links to them, linking their names to those pages, asking them about the points raised at those links at online or public forums, and so on), the story about Cain might have been less of a hit piece. For instance, the Politico might have waited for more information - possibly exculpatory information - before releasing the story. Obviously one can't predict the future, but it's not like I kept my dislike for the Politico from the teapartiers; see the Ben Smith page. And, it's not like I keep my attempts to discredit other reporters from the teapartiers either.

The teapartiers could have helped themselves and their candidates by getting involved in my campaigns or by conducting their own campaigns. But, they simply don't have the abilities necessary to discredit reporters, and their emotional failings prevent them from helping those who can discredit reporters.

[1] The fourth Politico reporter is Anna Palmer.