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California, USA
Yacht Rock & MAGA
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.@realDonaldTrump wants your feedback on any responsible immigration reform deal. Share your thoughts here.
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@GOP @realDonaldTrump If DACA stays, no voting rights, no extended family. Merit based system, no chain migration,…
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If illegal aliens are legalized but not made citizens, Dems will spend every waking hour getting them citizenship. The same people who capitulated on legalization will capitulate on citizenship. #GOP is trying to scam you. #MAGA MT @OhSusieCue If DACA stays, no voting rights
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RT @dialmformolly: @kirby615 @OhSusieCue @AnnCoulter @JoeTwohig1 Or a white male athlete with potential.
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Except @AnnCoulter hates whites-friendly #soccer, loves NFLBLM. MT @JoeTwohig1 RT @dialmformolly: Or a white male athlete with potential