Ed Morrissey /HotAir misleads about Obama birth certificate

Ed Morrissey of HotAir offers "The sadly obligatory SCOTUS birth-certificate post" (link) in which he joins the long line of people misleading about the Obama citizenship issue. As with others, he links to the Sara Olkon/James Janega article and, among many other misleading statements, says:

The State of Hawaii only keeps birth certificates from births in Hawaii. The State of California only keeps birth certificates from births in California, Minnesota only keeps those from births in Minnesota, and so on. They don’t store information on births outside of their state. Why would they bother to do that? Use some common sense.

That's a false statement. Under Hawaii law, those born in other states or foreign countries can obtain Hawaii birth certificates if their parents are residents of that state.


If Obama is dosqualified, then Biden is president. You want that? Would he be better than Obama?

are we suprised the cap'n kook would side with the enemy?

I left a very nasty comment filled with ad hominem. Watch me get banned from HotAir. Like I care.

Thank you Cuckoo-Nutsoes. You make life much more interesting.

Saw your posts, pb. Appropriate. And as you could see from both Ed and the comments, there are a lot of uninformed people out there. Uninformed about the cases, the constitution, the court system and the legal remedies being sought. If the SC decides not to answer the question, or remands the case, then the doubt, the lawsuits and the appeals will be without end. At some point they will be forced to address the issue. Clarifying the 'natural born' clause today will save us from even bigger headaches down the road. Either way, I hope our 50 SOS have learned a lesson...in the future, demand some real ID from anyone who wants to run for office. Hmm, might be fair to start checking the voters for ID, too.

Thanks for correcting that. There's indeed a lot of outright lying bluster out there. But a lot of the rightie weblogs are flat-out wrong on the facts too. Why is the Obama organization sending lawyers around to fight requests to disclose what every other candidate discloses? All theories aside, that is the key question.

It's over, son. Let it go.

talk is cheap is right sad to say.

"Thank you Cuckoo-Nutsoes. You make life much more interesting." Calling people crazy rather than addressing the facts just points to your own intellectual deficiencies. But there is no shortage of imbeciles and dolts in the blogosphere, for certain. I guess when the SC agreed to hear the case today that this was based on some "Cuckoo-Nutsoes." This is far from over, comrades.

Obama is our enemy, hate him and the end game is to free our nation from rats like Obama and the other pigs who hate our freedoms, buy guns.

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