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Jeff Cirillo
Washington, DC
Int'l politics @GeorgetownSFS ‘20 | Board of directors @thecorp | Past: Analyst @USGAO, Reporter @RollCall @CQNow | Retweets are not endorsements of views
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From @bridgetbhc
this lede from @KathHL: #CWSG2019 #CWSG
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From @jeffcirillo
@bridgetbhc @KathHL Where can I read your stats Bridget??
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From @bridgetbhc
@jeffcirillo @KathHL Haha good question! I had a double this year but it was @gretchenfrazee with the big bat who h…
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From @gretchenfrazee
@bridgetbhc @jeffcirillo @KathHL Coach @ericarhendry might have our unofficial stats. Or it could be just a sheet o…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@gretchenfrazee: hi Gretchen, is @ericarhendry responsible for "ICE raids delayed ahead of Pence’s ‘Latinos for Trump’ rollout in Miami"? Among other things, that puts #NewsHour in the position of assuming all Latinos oppose ICE raids. Is that the case?