Dara Lind of Vox shows GIGO on Trump's policies

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Dara Lind of Vox Media offers [1] the following, which would be hilarious if it weren't so sad:

The media really loves the idea that Donald Trump is changing his position on immigration. In particular, they really love the theory that Trump secretly has a plan to legalize unauthorized immigrants... There’s just one problem: There is no secret plan. Period. Donald Trump’s immigration policy has been fairly consistent - and much clearer than the media presumes.

...Reporters who are familiar with immigration policy get it. Benjy Sarlin at NBC News, Elise Foley at the Huffington Post, Greg Sargent at the Washington Post, Miriam Jordan at the Wall Street Journal, Sahil Kapur at Bloomberg, Julia Preston at the New York Times - they’ve all written articles that explain the policy thinking behind Trump’s plan, and they’re not getting distracted by every word said by someone with a title on the Trump campaign.

But some political campaign reporters, who hear immigration buzzwords but aren’t necessarily familiar with how they fit together, are convinced that there’s somehow more to the plan.

As shown at the first link, Dara Lind isn't a credible source on immigration. Neither are those she lists who've been discussed here: Benjy Sarlin, Elise Foley (see also this conversation and this one), Greg Sargent, Miriam Jordan, Sahil Kapur, and Julia Preston. All have repeatedly misled in order to support what amounts to the same immigration stance as the US Chamber of Commerce, the Koch family, and WalMart.

Dara Lind and her friends only "get it" as far as trying to deceive readers is concerned. Dara Lind and her friends illustrate GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out.

(See Donald Trump for the truth about Trump's immigration stance and what he should be doing. As of now, he's no help with those of us who want to discredit Lind and her friends.)

[1] vox . com/2016/9/6/12814608/donald-trump-immigration