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Anand Giridharadas
Brooklyn, New York
@TIME editor at large. Author of @WinnersTakeAll, THE TRUE AMERICAN, & INDIA CALLING. MSNBC political analyst. @PriyaParker's man. Father. Rhymes with "almond."
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1. NEW: U.S. history textbooks are shaped by partisan politics, and then shape the next generation of voters. See…
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@DanaGoldstein @AnandWrites Great work I researched this a quarter century ago, and it may be a little better now d…
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Dana blogs "Critical language about nonwhite cultural movements also appears in a Texas book..." That almost makes it sound like N.C.M.s cannot be criticized, doesn't it? MT @Stiffelman [I did this 25 years ago] MT @DanaGoldstein [hypes her state textbook blog]
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RT @AnandWrites: Hey @jonathanchait, The idea that rich people doing philanthropy is "quite different than an interest group protecting it…
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.@sivavaid @AnandWrites: @jonathanchait could have impacted Trump if he were capable of figuring out how to do it & were willing. Eg, pointing out *to Trump fans* that future Congresses would just tear down Trump's "wall". Ask his fans why he's never done that.