Is it satire, or is it the Huffington Post?

The difference is often difficult to discern, but here's a real-world example.

Huffington Post:

Arianna has booted contributer Dr. Peter Rost: "Setting the Record Straight: On Trolls, Moles, and Dis-Invited Bloggers":
Dear HuffPost Readers, Commenters, and Bloggers,

Here's the bottom line on the issues raised by Peter Rost: We disabled his password for one reason and one reason only -- his refusal to act as part of our online community.

A little background: Peter Rost was initially invited to post about issues related to the pharmaceutical industry, his area of expertise -- but his posts increasingly became about his personal grudges and beefs or long, self-referential, diary-like entries about finding an injured bird in his front yard (complete with photos) or a blog post about his friend having an extramarital affair...

Over six months ago, on December 12, 2005, I penned the entry "SIT-IN FOR MARC MARON OF AIR AMERICA RADIO" about "Melvin Duchovny" chaining himself to a desk at Huff and Blow headquarters and refusing to leave. "Ariadne Huffanan" subsequently blocked him from posting to her site.

(HuffAndBlow is, of course, a take-off on the HuffPost. The Duchovny character was invented before Rost began posting to HuffPost and - spoiler warning! - is a take-off on Air America co-founder, loony loose cannon, and HuffPost contributor Sheldon Drobny That's a picture of The Captain from Gilligan's Island next to his entries.)

Helpful tip:

Print this page and keep it handy when reading other entries at the HuffPost.


Your blog sucks ass, Lonewacko.

antichrist, is dead on the money with that one!

It seems that this is all about advertising. JWT just bought up all of HuffPo's ad space, and Arianna Huffington is in France right now with JWT's CEO, at a marketing conference. Rost exposing a insider troll right now is bad timing for HuffPo, and they are trying to cover it up. They won't allow any truly critical comments on their behavior in this matter on their related blogs, including Peter Rost's. It's all about the money, it always is.