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John Kerry
Proud Bostonian
Teresa's husband, 28 years representing Massachusetts in @USSenate, 68th U.S. Secretary of @StateDept and now proudly partnering with @Yale & @CarnegieEndow.
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In 2004, GWB hyped one of the most anti- & un-American plans I've ever heard of. It would have directly harmed 10s of millions of Americans & USA as a whole: Yet, @JohnKerry & the Dems said *nothing*: they tacitly supported GWB's plan. #MAGA #resist
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"Chief Justice @ Vatican’s highest court says prohibiting @NancyPelosi & @JohnKerry from [#DIYJokeKit] 'makes perfect sense”". @wjgreen_
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.@AlexConant: after amnesty, #Benghazi, @JohnKerry, & #Dem issues does @MarcoRubio have any supporters besides @alipardo & @CesarConda? #GOP