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Boise, ID via LI Buffalo & WY
Dad; i ♥ metal; Northend snob; WiseA**;Hypocrisy hater; Where's the snow? Focus group of 1;nonFacebook user-never have been;Hey now;@iamrapaport ID reppin' 🇺🇸
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Strong Work Ethic & A Strong Family Are The Foundation Of America! #iHeartAmerica
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From @nostradamRUSS
@TPUSA Keep up the good work
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@nostradamRUSS: there are smart ways to undercut @TPUSA over buying up Don Jr's book, your childish graphic isn't it. Point out they spend donor $ on that, not on undercutting opponents. Point out - in a mainstream way - all the damage Reagan/"greed is good" did.