Barack Obama lies about Census Bureau poverty statistics

You could have seen this coming from miles away. The Census Bureau today released their 2007 statistics on poverty and those without health insurance. Also today, Barack Obama lied when he said:

"Another 816,000 Americans fell into poverty in 2007 — including nearly 500,000 children — bringing the total increase in Americans in poverty under President Bush to 5.7 million... And on Bush’s watch, an additional 7.2 million Americans have fallen into the ranks of the uninsured. This is the failed record of George Bush’s economic policies that Sen. McCain has called ‘great progress."

I'll leave checking the other statistics to you the reader, but over 100,000 of those "816,000 Americans fell into poverty in 2007" are actually citizens of other countries, including those who are here illegally. They aren't "Americans" as BHO said, they're Mexicans, Brazilians, Norwegian, etc. Just not Americans, and BHO lied yet again.

Who needs accuracy when you've got hope?

The BHO campaign "creatively edited" a quote to make someone look bad. The DNC lied about a related statistic. Obama lied about the 2006 statistics. He followed the NYT's lead and lied about something else. Yet another healthcare lie. He lied about hate crimes doubling. He offered a stock false choice. He lied about Lou Dobbs. And, well, there are even more but I'll save them for a future post.


Obama is the big lie, and he hates you he wants his own people to rule over you not with you he needs you in prison he needs your kids dead,dead,dead, and he is the same guy as McCain.

You're serious? That's what you call a "lie?" What a joke!