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Stronger and gayer than ever; Writing at @GQMagazine
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From @dukelarby
BREAKING: Obvious white nationalist Stephen Miller confirmed as a white nationalist in his private emails
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From @MissingByline
@dukelarby @GQMagazine Well, if the SPLC says so, he must be, they wouldn't recklessly mischaracterize an ideological opponent . . .
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MissingByline: SPLC's deceptive reports should've been the end of them, except their loudest opponents are cons. They just play partisan, small tent games that only help the SPLC, resulting in things like the Stephen Miller issue.
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From @dukelarby
Tucker Carlson is objectively a white nationalist and also it's Tuesday.
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From @ObamaDindu
@dukelarby It would appear anyone you disagree with is a "white nationalist".
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ObamaDindu: Trump & Stephen Miller both support amnesty, point out to @dukelarby 's fan that he *agrees* with them. Point out to them that what he wants would increase the labor supply, thus harming workers. He's also braindrain developing countries, greatly harming them.