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Ron Centrello Jr
Survivor rust belt liberalism. Reagan & Trump conservative. Military history & bourbon enthusiast. Ohio State grad, Packer Indians Penguins #MAGA #Draintheswamp
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From @RonCentrelloJr
RT @winstonCovfefe: For yrs, this @ChrisCuomo from #FakeNew #CNN has called every single one who doesn't agree with him racists, bigots, de…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
So, you respond by cheering someone calling him names, making you no better than him & no alternative to his sleaze. That's what #MAGA is all about. MT @RonCentrelloJr MT @winstonCovfefe: For yrs, this @ChrisCuomo from #FakeNew #CNN has called [his opponents names]