Tess Smith gets the Emmy on TV's big night

Actress/screenwriter Tess Smith at the Emmy Awards. She's not a 10, but she is showing a lot of skin, so...

Tess Smith actress screenwriter at emmy awards

In more important news, I did Mts. Lowe and Markham and San Gabriel Peak today. I skipped Mt. Disappointment since it's an antenna farm.

And: a cell phone thief "ended" up hiding her stolen "booty" in her "butt", Ananova informs us.

UPDATE: Now, you can bid on Tess' dress. The auction says it's for charity, but I have no way of knowing whether that's true and whether that's really her dress. But, it certainly looks like it, so check it out.

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Oh, baby. I'd like to dive between Tess' legs and suck her hard clit while I pinch her hard nipples. She's a hot slutn with a "fuck me" expression on her face. I'd love to oblige. MMMMMMMMMMM

Ya, Ladies. You don't hear us men complaining when Johnny Knoxville runs around town in his G-string do you? No. If you don't like what you see, don't look at it.

Anyone notice its all of the women complaining? stop being jelous that she has a nicer body than most of you! give her a break, she looks good!

Face? Does she have one? I haven't seen her face yet. LOL I don't think all women should dress like this. Only the ones that could accomplish it with a twin size sheet, not a King or queen size. I can't believe there were only 2 pictures taken of her in this dress. I'd be snapping photos of every step she took. Come on WIND!!!

This has gotta be the most commented LW post ever, or close to it.

As for the foto, the woman is not very attractive, and the dress (what there is of it) is in poor taste, and would be regardless of what she looked like.

This woman is so desperate for attention I honestly don't think she knows how scary she looks.She is the kind of woman who would say on camera "I don't know why that man is stalking me" I think women have a right to dress sexy but this outfit is for private affairs(pool party, house party)where your friends and family already know your desperate ways. The man who signed his name Lick Man is her type and I hope someone with his mindset finds her. It's really sad that a woman has to go this far for attention and I really don't believe any woman in her right mind is jealous of this woman or her outfit except maybe Paris Hilton.

I bet her legs make a sloppy sound when she walks from being so wet from wearing that outfit. It has to make her horny as hell knowing her twat is but a slight wind from being seen by the world.

Oooh, look . . . not only can she dress like a whore, she can pose like one, too!


Check this out . . . maybe this is just the way she normally dresses!


Tess, what a great idea! I'm designing my own gown for the next premier. Three white patches to place on my private parts. Tee hee!

The lady has more balls than some guys wearing an outfit like that. And she managed to pull it off nicely. Who cares if she's a virtual unknown? This is America, land of the dumbasses. Paris Hilton was a virtual unknown to most people three years ago, and now she's the talk of the town.

A little exposure might be all Tess needs to get her career, whatever it is, a boost.

Oh, gods, I hope to hell she's shaved...

Check out this link - wonder if it is the same - looks close, same cheesy smile, smae bad plastic surgery.


l loye you..i fuck you

I agree with John.Why the hell is that guy calling his sweet pansy self (diddy)??Easy on the estrogen pills there little guy.You should give yourself a strong name like Dick Johnson.

can't we all just get along? Seriously who is this woman and why was she there?

With a phony copy-cat poser name like S. Diddy, I won't give your opinion much weight.

The only thing worse than P. Diddy calling himself that trash is some mindless clone, wannabe copying some trash behavior like that.

Next thing, you'll be saying that you're a rapper. Of course you'd hit Tess "The Skank" Smith, she's with you on the Z-List.

Z-List folks copy the worst fads. She thinks she's cute (she looks like a Tranny who just took the bandages off after her 5th plastic surgery) and you think calling yourself "Diddy" is cute.

thanks for the full length picture

tess smith is FINE from head to toe. it is a little bold of her to wear something like that but it is cool with me. i think she has a beautiful face i wouldnt put a bag on her head.

- Hate this Woman for going off the Scank Meter
- Wish they had a body like hers (not her face)
- Think men are pigs because they encourage this type of thing.

- Would do her in a sec. (if a lunch bag could be found for her head)
- Like to peek under her loin cloth, just for a sec
- Offer to be her QA person to inspect her next Bikini Wax job

PS: Here is a nice full length picture of her


Only prostitutes wear clear plastic high heels, that explains why she's wearing twisted bedsheets from Motel 6.

Hell, I'd do her.

Tess's dress makes J. Lo's's dress look like Eskimo wear.


I've been looking for Tess Smith and nothing...not on IMDB.com...she's an unknown

that bitch looks like a crackwhore who hit the lottery.....COME ON, WHERE ARE THE FREAKIN LIMITS!!!!!

ya, ill bang her. and thats what she wants.

Who is this Tess Smith. Has she ever done anything on TV or movies?