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Jared Robinson
Los Angeles, CA
I'm actually two small people put together
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.@Daniel_Jones10 throws a dime to Golden Tate for the 64-yard TD! The first TD pass allowed by the Pats defense th…
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@NFL @Daniel_Jones10 @ShowtimeTate @nflnetwork @NFLonFOX @PrimeVideo LUCK
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From @ManPantsLive
@rivera020305 @NFL @Daniel_Jones10 @ShowtimeTate @nflnetwork @NFLonFOX @PrimeVideo Nope, just a good pass, catch an…
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.@ManPantsLive: hey Jared, what did you like best about #NYGvsNE, the tight ends and wide receivers, or the part when Brady gently slipped his hands between the thighs of a bent-over lineman? #NTTAWWT