When Multiculturalists seek to understand!

Let's start at the end and work towards the headline with this one:

"Most of the people on the team are there to get a positive experience and to play soccer," Bruun-Hanssen said. "Now Djerv has to present its view of the case, and then we have to evaluate possible sanctions against players and the club afterwards. But at the same time as it is important to send a clear message, we are also forced to try to aid Djerv as a club so that they can incorporate persons with multicultural background into the club in the most sensible way."

What ever could Norwegian (professional?) soccer "section leader" Roald Bruun-Hanssen be referring to?

From "Players threatened to decapitate and rape":

One player was knocked down, and several members of the audience were threatened with decapitation and rape when several of the players in the 7.division game flew of the handle...

Several of the Djerv 2 players acted aggressively towards both other players and the audience. According to the local paper Bergensavisen, one person was injured after being knocked to the ground by a Djerv player.

The sudden outburst of rage was also directed against several audience members, several received death threats and several were threatened with decapitation. Some of the women in the audience were threatened with rape...

"These are threats of aggravated violence and we don't want anything like this on the soccer filed," Bruun-Hanssen said to TV 2 Nettavisen. "I haven't either heard to anything like this before."

However, he does not want to condemn the entire team which mainly consist of immigrants.

[...quote above follows...]

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The true multiculturalist cannot regard anyone or any misbehavior, now matter how heinously subhuman, as the undesirable alien (person or action or attribute of any kind). This proves that they are fierce enemies of civilization, of moral worth of any kind, and nihilists such as the history of the world scarcely gives examples of. All damnation upon them.

Multiculturalists have long known that the diversity of 'cultures' ouside the confines of civilization includes those which practice beheadings, cannibalism, mass rapes, moslem terrorist wars of religion and whatever else only 'nativism' would call undesirable and alien. they expect everyone else to be too ignorant or thoughtless to realize that they're being asked to value atrocities as diversity-value.