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RT @ericlach: "If you keep your eye on what the capitalists get away with, you can run on economic populism with the support of doctors and…
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Warren's stances on U.S. Chamber/WSJ/Koch issues (immigration/trade/globalism) aren't in any way populist. She might as well be funded by Big Biz. Compare what her policies would do to what Lach says. MT @jlrindahl [to @ericlach inchyping a blog calling Liz Warren a "populist"]
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@ericlach: Posner's 6th para has the "veranda pitch". See #4: (about a Koch funded #libertarian). #OWS #Occupy
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@ericlach: I'm referring to Richard Posner on #Arizona #SB1070 ruling: (see next tweets) #immigration #OWS #tlot
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@ericlach <- a "liberal" who hypes Posner hyping foreign serf laborers toiling in the fields while Americans sit on their verandas. #p2 #OWS