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Dallas, TX
Randy Mayeux Accomplished Speaker;reads&speaks on books on business&social justice; feminist&anti-racist.-the Dallas Book Guy.
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From @Susan_Hennessey
I know there's a lot going on these days, but the GOP trying to manipulate the census to undercount non-Whites and…
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From @Randy1116
@Susan_Hennessey Yes. YES! - But, we are all so weary from too-many-issues fatigue.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Randy1116: GOP isn't exactly trying to "undercount non-Whites" as @Susan_Hennessey says. They favor fans (most of whom are White). Dems want to count as many non-Whites as possible for a similar reason: most vote Dem. Hennessey isn't honest enough to make that distinction.