Central American countries to present own immigration "reform" plan to U.S.; praise for Gutierrez scheme

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According to EFE (univision.com/contentroot/wirefeeds/inmi/8105754.shtml), next year a group of Central American countries will be presenting their own comprehensive immigration reform plan to the U.S.; the group is trying to get the Mexican government involved too. The date when they'll be introducing their plan isn't known, but it might coincide with a visit by the president of El Salvador. According to the foreign minister of that country, there are many points in common ("abundantes coincidencias") with the recent proposal from (U.S.) Rep. Luis Gutierrez and they're very happy that they're on the same page ("Coincidir en líneas estratégicas con la propuesta del congresista nos alegra muchísimo, porque estamos en la línea correcta").


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