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Studying in Bed
Med student. Southern lady. Former Sorority President. Trying to figure out a specialty. Follow me for a magical lifelong friendship ENFP #girlmedtwitter
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.@DoctorMeowskis: If not for immigration, David Ho would have stayed in Taiwan, helping that country (or province). #DayWithoutImmigrants
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Up yours, Taiwan! MT @DoctorMeowskis: If not for immigration, no David Ho. His research led to AIDS medication #DayWithoutImmigrants
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RT @jaz_hawes: @DoctorMeowskis Loved the article! #girlmedtwitter is an amazing community of people and I love being part of it! https://t.…
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.@DrMarthaGulati: .@DoctorMeowskis is a NeoColonialist: she'd take humans from other countries as past took gold. #DayWithoutImmigrants