Cecilia Munoz rallies troops at Reform Immigration for America confab (+Deepak Bhargava)

Obama administration official and former National Council of La Raza VP Cecilia Munoz appeared at today's meeting of the new Reform Immigration for America group. From the tweets of Kyle de Beausset of citizenorange.com comes this probably mostly accurate recount (first tweet first, starting at twitter dot com/kyledeb/status/2044772411):

* Obama nominated a Latina so he's done right? Crowd: No!
* (Sonia Sotomayor) is brilliant, President made choice on the merits.
* President signed SCHIP bill with immigrant kids.
* President Recovery Act helps Latino and Immigrant community
* President commitment to immigration reform has been restated over and over again.
* If we are going to clear a pathway for immigration reform, all of us have a lot of work to do.
* most important is to move in congress.
* Can we do it? Se puede? Crowd: Si Se Puede! Si Se Puede!

Deepak Bhargava of the Center for Community Change was also there (twitter dot com/kyledeb/status/2044976971):

* 11 days until meeting with Barack Obama, pressure our congressional leaders from June 17 meeting.


Obama like other little third world islamo fascist will use the brown fascist to set ablaze hate and that is what the pig shit in la raza are troops for the head monkey.