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Kyle de Beausset: illegal aliens more American than Americans, immigrants better than citizens - 07/07/10

Kyle de Beausset is a Harvard University student and occasional quote source in support of the anti-American DREAM Act. Recent comments from him show that his anti-Americanism doesn't just include letting illegal aliens take college educations from Americans, but is much more generalized.

Why do Harvard, Drew Faust, and Elizabeth Pezza want illegal aliens to take educations from U.S. citizens? - 04/04/10

Elizabeth Pezza - staff writer for the Harvard University Crimson newspaper - offers "Living in the Shadows/Their hopes of immigration reform repeatedly unfulfilled, undocumented students endure an effectively unforeseeable future" ( It's a PIIPP-ish article (see that link for what that means and examples) that, instead of doing news reporting, advocates for the anti-American DREAM Act. That bill would let illegal aliens take college educations away from U.S. citizens and, despite having over 3500 words, Pezza doesn't even...

Harvard Undergraduate Legal Committee wimps out over Jim Gilchrist appearance, not smart enough to debate - 10/16/09

Jim Gilchrist of the Minuteman Project was scheduled to speak at a Harvard University immigration conference tomorrow. However, he's now been disinvited by the group that organized the event, the Harvard Undergraduate Legal Committee ( Per them (link): "Mr. Gilchrist’s participation in the conference on the behalf of the Minutemen Project was not compatible with providing an environment for civil, educational, and productive discourse on immigration, and we cannot host him at this time." In other words, they're either far-lefties who don't appreciate open debate and...

NILC, ACLU, AILA, NCLR, Schey, hundreds more demand Obama ends 287g program - 08/27/09

Continuing their campaign against the 287g program, the American Civil Liberties Union - a group that is/was directly collaborating with the Mexican government - informs us that they and about 500 other groups have sent a letter to

Cecilia Munoz rallies troops at Reform Immigration for America confab (+Deepak Bhargava) - 06/05/09

Obama administration official and former National Council of La Raza VP Cecilia Munoz appeared at today's meeting of the new Reform Immigration for America group.

Alternet deletes comment (Kyle de Beausset, NCLR) - 07/15/08

I've left several comments on Alternet's immigration entries, and as far as I know none had been deleted until the last. That last comment was left on the entry "Minutemen Scream "F@$k You Brown Boy!" at Latinos Attending Obama Talk" by Kyle de Beausset ( That post is just the latest in that leftwing site's long line of far-left articles supporting illegal immigration; note that in contrast to some other leftwing sites, left-leaning commenters occasionally call Alternet on their biases. The comment is included below; how exactly it violates their "community...