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In your backseat
Sayer of things, tweeter of tweets. I'm the guy with the beard (no I'm not Kevin Smith)👇🏽
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From @Haleaziz
NEW: The owner of a Miss. gym that helped care for kids whose parents had been believed to have been arrested by IC…
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From @TruthcastersTv
@Haleaziz shuttled back by whom? this is all so ridiculous... these people are working and contributing to our soci…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
That's the whole point. They're increasing the labor supply & thus lowering wages. Hamed is paid to enable that. Don't let Trump's horribleness make you a stooge. MT @TruthcastersTv [to @Haleaziz] ...these people [illegal aliens] are working and contributing to our society...