Live coverage: John McCain/Barack Obama Hofstra "debate", 10/15/08

Live coverage of the "debate" at Hofstra University between John McCain and Barack Obama commences now.

McCain is taking BHO to task for the "Sarah Palin is a ****" t-shirts and for BHO's implication of widespread rabble-rousing at McCain/Palin rallies.

And, BHO is stumbling. He indeed has a "glass jaw", yet no one wants to take advantage of his lack of experience at being challenged.

"Let's get the record straight" = BHO is about to mislead. And, mislead he does. After white-washing his involvement with Ayers, he then lies about his involvement with ACORN, which is much more extensive - and recent - than he indicated. Now he's off on a distraction about who his advisors are.

Obama then misleadingly called McCain's contention that Obama "started a campaign" at Ayer's house a lie; that's where he had his introductory party, according to one of those who was there.

McCain gets in a good point about renegotiating NAFTA; instead of laughing per usual, BHO seems to admit the point.

More apparent lying from BHO: the Illinois law on after-birth abortions was modified to resolve his concerns.

Schieffer brings up the U.S. lagging behind in education. I'm going to guess that neither of them will discuss immigration's role in developing an uneducated underclass. For a clear example, see California.

The WaPo conducted a live "fact check" of the "debate" ( See how many BHO talking points you can count! Here's a modified version of the comment I left:

Alec MacGillis completely forgot to point out that BHO lied about his ACORN ties.

Michael Dobbs is relying on an extremely fine point: over whether BHO launched his career in Bill Ayer's house, or whether that was merely one of the places. One of the people who was at the kaffeeklatsch chez Ayers, Dr. Quentin Young, said it was the 'political coming-out party for Obama' (link).

There's more on BHO's relationship Ayers here.

Note that BHO was 19 years old when the Weathermen killed three people. Note also his self-admitted involvement with the anti-apartheid movement, something that was also associated with the Weathermen. The idea that BHO didn't know about Ayers' past is beyond ludicrous. Apparently BHO thinks his followers are stupid.

"Joe the Plumber" was mentioned 15 times during the debate (link). Look for hacks - such as those who aren't interested in pushing my plan to go ask Obama questions - to adopt him as one of their own. Example:


"I'm going to guess that neither of them will discuss immigration's role in developing an uneducated underclass." Dont forget an illiterate underclass.

As is my custom, I analyzed and compared the separate parts of the participants to this debate: bubble graphs of no. and length of words and sentences, word clouds. I added a study of the number of speaking turns of each candidate too. You can find this and more at my Word Face-Off [1] blog. Similar analyses of the previous debates are hyperlinked from there.


If you read Obama's autobiography, or reviews of it, you get the clear idea that he's rather self-conscious, so it's not too surprising that he is, or seems, overly sensitive to even a hint of criticism or probing. Also I'm sure he knows the whole business with Wright is very much off-putting and could do him some real damage if it got full play.

If McCain won't push Wright to the front and confront the Messiah, what does that say about how much of a wussy he would be running this country?

Not to mention there is not a single mention of immigration during this election. It is like we live in the USSR.

petty bourgeiis we are now making the new USSR!