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Caitlin Oprysko
Washington, DC
Breaking news reporter @POLITICO by way of @POLITICOPro, @ABC and @UGAGrady. I tweet sad things about Georgia sports & the @RedSox. Tips:
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We've been Biden our time to drop this tracker on 2020 candidates' stances on issues like reparations, legalizing mโ€ฆ
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@beatricezjin @politico @caitlinoprysko Thank you! I am bookmarking this and will reference it many times over the next year+
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.@___rb___: the @beatricezjin blog is like something Parade Magazine would do. What's needed is to walk the candidates through the downsides of their ideas, not just repeat their ideas like sheep. It's that same lack of debate that helped Trump win.