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We believe a Nation is defined by Borders, Language & Culture. This account is not endorsed by, or affiliated with Michael Savage or his affiliated entities.
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RT @TrumpWarRoom: People ILLEGALLY in our country steal jobs from people who respected our laws and live in our country LEGALLY. Hispanics…
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.@SavageNation @TrumpWarRoom: you know how you oppose something just cuz libruls support it? That's what Trump is doing on #immigration: some libs support a pro-Big Biz stance just because they think Trump opposes it. For a tangible example, see the pro-Big Biz pbump propaganda.
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Former Dem Stays Stealthy...
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.@SavageNation: compare that link to & Which would stop Orman short? #Kansas #tcot
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RT @SavageNation: Group Protests Illegal Immigration
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.@armywife299: 12 ppl protesting in Idaho means nothing. @SavageNation is smart, urge him to do this: #tcot #tgdn