Felipe Calderon bringing Mexican consulate to New Brunswick, New Jersey (Jim Cahill, Richard Kaplan)

jim cahill meets mexican presidentOn his way to a U.N. meeting, Mexican president Felipe Calderon recently visited their colonies (link) and met with the mayor of New Brunswick, New Jersey, Jim Cahill. That's him pictured right along with Calderon and his wife.

Among other things, Calderon promoted what's called "regional integration" and promised to build a new consulate in Cahill's city. You can contact him through officeofthemayor *at* cityofnewbrunswick.org

Not only that, but Calderon said that at a public school (Lord Stirling Elementary School). Contact the NBPS superintendent Richard Kaplan at richard_kaplan *at* nbps.k12.nj.us

Apparently the promise of the consulate was prompted by some groups [1], with Calderon saying:

"It seems to me a fair demand, so this is what we'll do, we'll put a consulate here in New Brunswick"... he said a regional approach is needed to build sound economies in North America, including the United States, Mexico and Canada. "Relaunching the economy will not happen if we don't think as a region," he said, adding that a strong in the United States must include immigration reform... "It is my personal conviction that migration is a natural social-economic phenomenon that cannot be stopped by decree... What we need to do is channel it and direct it for the prosperity of our society... One day Mexico will have the conditions to generate work and schools sufficient so that never again you have to leave due to hunger... [however, just not now]."

[1] Those quoted include the following:
* Cesar Zuniga, "who is in charge of health programs at New York City-based Casa Puebla"

* Teresa Vivar, 'the president of Lazos America Unida in New Brunswick"

* "Perth Amboy's Fernando Garcia, a construction worker studying small business management at Middlesex County College... [and] the treasurer of the Mexican Association of Perth Amboy


The head of our enemy to the South says: "It is my personal conviction that migration is a natural social-economic phenomenon that cannot be stopped by decree" That might be true. But it can be stopped by the rifle.

"It is my personal conviction that migration is a natural social-economic phenomenon that cannot be stopped by decree..." Isn't it curious how that point of view is always held or put forth by those who have an interest in 'migration' NOT being stopped, slowed, or limited in any way? It's as natural as the tides... Personal conviction, my a%$, more like national policy.

It's a smart move on the part of Mexico, again really dumb of the US to allow it.

buy guns it's about time to start fighting and when the total collapse comes you will fight,and people it is coming!

Calderon's belief that "(illegal) immigration is a natural socio-economic phenomenon" apparently applies only to migration north. Mexico's immigration laws are much stricter than those of the U.S. Maybe he should lobby for "comprehensive reform" in his home country instead of building consulates in NJ. History has shown that Mexico does not treat those from Central and South American countries well when they enter Mexico. He should worry about improving Mexico's economy instead of lobbying for immigration reform. We do not need a mass exodus from Mexico to the U.S., though it can be argued that that has already occurred. 10% of those born in MEX reside here, both illegally and legally.

It says a lot about what the agenda is: leave Mexico so we can build a consulate in NEW JERSEY to cater to your needs. No wonder Mexicans hate their own country, esp. when their leadership has zero pride in mexico. Why isn't he telling them to come home?