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I call out stupidity, have my stupidity called out and just genuinely try to understand my fellow Canadians in the cesspool that is Twitter.
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Statement from Washington Post Publisher and CEO Fred Ryan in response to President Trump's statement today regardi…
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From @tschaeb
@WashPostPR @carlquintanilla WaPo is not responsible for the strategic interests of the United States- but it does help undermine them
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From @Dcolman23
@tschaeb @WashPostPR @carlquintanilla Yes... undermining the US.... because Saudi Arabia is such a trusted ally.
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.@Dcolman23: you'll never win because Trump cultists lie & deflect. Meanwhile, no one else is going after Trump where he's extremely vulnerable to his followers: on the fact he supports amnesty, on how his "wall" is unimplementable, on his gross Puerto Rico incompetence...